The taberbacle (The veil)

Sun, 13th Jul 2014
Terry Jones
Exodus chapter 26 v 31-34

Every part of the travelling tabernacle is crucial. God has a particular place and purpose for those in the church.
The veil tells a number of truths
1) The way to God is utterly barred. The veil shielded the glory of God. When the blood was applied and Jesus life and death we have been atoned for.
2) The Jewish understanding of the nature of God.
3) A constant reminder of sin. God wasn't ashamed to talk with Adam and Eve but sin spoilt the relationship. The only way to atone for sin was the shedding of blood.
These 3 things changed because of Calvary. God found a way of redemption, his flesh torn apart. Jesus flesh is the veil that is torn.
What do we learn from what has changed because of Calvary?
1)It gave mankind a new home. Today is the day to come home, the way is open for all. When Jesus dies he made one sacrifice.
2) "I am the door" Whoever enters through him will be saved
3) It gave mankind a new experience. Now everyday we can know God without fail. He is a God of love, mercy and hope who loves us. We believe in Jesus and we receive the Holy Spirit.
4) Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed? Have we believed in Jesus? Do we know him as our Lord and Saviour?
Our encouragement is to keep going on our journey and not to stop. We need to keep being obedient
5) It gives us a new relationship. We must be born again. We need to be born supernaturally by our heavenly Father into eternity. We have an assurance when we die that we will be raised from death into life. People will notice a change in our changed lives. It may be a dramatic change or it may be a long change through the journey of our lives.
We must press on through our journey for we do not know what tomorrow brings. Perhaps baptism is the next part of our journey?
We must also earth our faith out in the world. Live our faith with passion in the world

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