A God of love

Sun, 6th Jul 2014
Gary Iddon
Romans chapter 1 v 18-32

God did get angry in the bible, e.g the flood. Without doubt though God is a God of love. He gave his only Son-the Saviour of the world.
We can get angry also but sometimes it can be justified to be angry if it is righteous anger. Or we can also get angry unjustly. We are made in Gods image, so we are like him. He is angry with some of the things in the world.
We can choose to do what we want in our lives or we can choose to do what God wants us to do. If we do not have love from God then we will not have love for mankind.
Romans 3 says that no-one is righteous not one. Man can also suppress and hide the truth but God sees everything and one day we will be judged for what we have said and done in our lives. Men are the inventors of evil.
God reveals himself to us every day and night, the heavens declare the glory of God. The truth is that God created this world by himself. His creation shines out for all to see and we cannot hide it.
God also reveals himself in our hearts and minds. One day the world will be judged and there will be two paths we can go down.
1) The narrow path leading to life
2)The broad road leading to destruction
We should be thankful and grateful to God.
There are four reasons why God is angry.
Mankind can give glory to themselves and not to God
Mankind gives no gratitude to the person of God
Mankind rejects God
Mankind mocks the Christian

We shall be saved from Gods wrath if we trust in Jesus. We can be saved and turned from the darkness

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