Are we faithful?

Sun, 6th Apr 2014
Gary Iddon
God is faithful

God is faithful, he never fails us. Are we faithful? God is concerned about everything in our lives today. Be faithful in the little things. We must also deal with the little things in our lives or they will progress into something worse. Our own evil nature draws us away from the things of God. We must not underestimate the little sins in our lives. God is everywhere, he sees everything and one day they will be read before us. There is a worry not to let little things multiply as sin often starts small.
If we cant be trusted with the little things how can we be trusted with bigger things and the things of God. What do we expect from Christian churches? We expect Christian people. The people outside expect Christian attitudes.
If we cant show respect to our neighbours in the little things how can we progress in the things of God. We have got to start being what we say we are. Are we ready for the little things coming into our lives.
We all do things wrong but we've got to try and be better people. When we leave church we must go out put things into practice. We've got to show that we are disciples. When we do this it affects other people but there are consequences when we do something wrong. If we cannot get the small simple things right why come to church? If our lives don't reflect God what's the point? We must be faithful in the little things in life. If we don't control the little sins they can spread. Lets tell the Lord and get them dealt with otherwise they will spoil our relationship with him and others